Project by Yulia Melamed

Больше москвич, чем любой москвич

«Москва, которая была сто лет назад — осталась. А помойки я не снимаю. Я сниму помойку — сделаю Кремль. А можно и Большой театр снять так, что будет помойка»
Лев Мелихов
Известный фотограф. Снимает Москву

Most TheMost

«We didn't have any kind of hatred, like «Hey, police! Here take this!» It was just childish pranks. We came out of metro at night. We saw a car. Alas, we thought it was an abandoned police car».
Most, 30.
An elementary school English teacher by day. He paints graffiti by breaking into metro cars at night.

Espionage business

«We can tolerate the weather, can fix a broken motobike, can cope with injures. But setups and politics are beyong us. It was may, 2012. It was all nice and clear. Until we took the road towards Baghdad and were detained at a checkpoint».
Sasha, 50.
A biker, businessman, downshifter. In Iraq he was put behind bars together with his son on a charge of espionage.

Rock bottom

«It's really tough. The only choice I had was either to steal or to beg, or to die».
Vladimir, 34.
A former assistant to Minister of Culture, who became homeless.

Life saver

«I sometimes think that maybe death will be a better option for those children. Who will take over? No one cares. Medicine can't cure everything...»
Maya, 82 years old.
The chief of children's Emergency.


«I realised why they do't let me in. It's most offensive for a woman. They say, «Sorry, you can't come in today». Without any explanation».
Dyliara, 26.
A plus size model, started off as a regular model fighting with her weight until she decided that weight was the key to success and gained 60 pounds.

Just to live

«People should have fear. When you feel pain - it's very good. When you don't feel anything - it's bad. I will try to be afraid more...»
Ilkhom, 19.
Traceur, probably the only one Uzbek from tiny town who came to Moscow not to earn money but to practice parcour.


«She's a unique case. When Tanya said she would come by metro, I asked over and over again if she meant it. What do you mean by metro? Alone?» - driving coach about Tatyana.
Tatyana, 23.
She has quite an unusual job. She works as a... robot.